Todo Wayla Productions Presents:
Taller Protegido No19
About the Documentary
Argentina is quickly becoming one of the most progressive countries in the Americas, boasting a public healthcare system that is free to all. "El Hospital Borda" or "El Borda," as it's more commonly known, is a full-service public psychiatric hospital located in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires. The hospital also runs inpatient and outpatient workshops or "Talleres" to teach the patients a variety of skills and trades, and to ultimately help them integrate better into society once they are released. 

"Taller Protegido No19" or "Protected Workshop #19," was the only workshop available to patients unable to leave the hospital, as it was located within the walls of the Borda complex. 

El Borda and its various Talleres happen to be located on prime real-estate that the Municipal Government, with mayor Mauricio Macri at the helm, wants to use to build a $2.5 billion (USD) Civic Centre Complex.  Macri attempted for over a year to receive a court order to demolish the workshop and re-purpose the land for his own use. The courts ruled in favour of the workshop, and Macri was given an injunction to not proceed.

On April 26th, 2013, Macri disregarded the injunction and commanded the Municial Police Force to illegally occupy the Borda complex. 
This documentary is the story about the people who fought back.
Fernando De Negro

Danielle Hebscher

Augusto Monk

Born in Buenos Aires, Fernando has always been an artist, activist, and backpacking nomad. After meeting Danielle while traveling South America, he moved to Toronto where he began to learn about the filmmaking process.  This is Fernando's first film, and he is thrilled to be working on such an important project. He currently works as a film and television set carpenter in Toronto, and continues to travel the world with Danielle during his free time.  He forms one half of Todo Wayla Productions.
Danielle is a musician and filmmaker with a passion for social justice. Her work touches on subjects ranging from mental health and the Canadian legal system, to First Nations communities.  Born in Toronto, she has spent extensive time living in and traveling Latin America, and continues to remain deeply invested in the politics of the region.  A graduate of York University's BFA Film Production program, Danielle currently works as an Assistant Director.  This is her first feature-length film.  She is the other half of Todo Wayla Productions.
Originally from Buenos Aires, Augusto is a documentary filmmaker who focuses on topics relating to art and social issues.  In 2015 he edited RUNT (on artist Al Runt), Mind Spirit and Performance (On Canadian Brass founder Eugene Watts), and What Goes Behind (featuring choreographer Angela Blumberg). He is currently working on Butterflies in the Storm (directed by Amos Carlen on the Jewish Algerian resistance during WWII), and two projects in Argentina: one on artist Hugo Balmaceda, and another about Jewish immigrants in Buenos Aires in the late 1940s.  
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